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Mysterious Gift

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Mysterious Gift - Plot & Excerpts

He’d suffered severe head trauma, and God only knew what had been ripped, depressed, or generally moved around in his brain. Then he mentioned her grandpa, and she had to believe.
    The very idea of flying across the country with a relative stranger, instead of scaring her, excited her. She didn’t tell him the only time she’d been on an airplane was a trip to Vegas with three girlfriends after graduating from nursing school.
    She’d hurried into the bedroom to pack and became dismayed at her lack of chic clothing. Thank goodness Brian had money and was generous. She decided to wear her nurse’s uniform on the plane. That would lend authenticity to her adventure. Excitement sizzled though her, and she was positive she’d never be able to sleep. She had gone to find Brian, found him fast asleep and, on impulse, jumped him. Great sex had to be better than any sleeping pill, because the instant her head hit the pillow, she was out.
    “Robin, time to get up.”

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