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Seducing the Viscount (2014)

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Seducing The Viscount (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

It was not a difficult task to catch sight of the crumbling ruin of a castle on the hill south of him. Although it had once been a royal residence for Henry III, it was now little more than a shell that spoke of grander days.
Angling toward the river, he ignored the assessing stares from the local merchants and the ragged boys who followed him from the shadows of the narrow alleys. They would soon discover he was no addlepated dandy should any of them be foolish enough to attempt to cull him. He was as comfortable in the gutter as he was in the finest drawing rooms of Mayfair.
At last discovering the whitewashed pub tucked between a butcher shop and blacksmith, Ian rode through the stone arch that led to the inner courtyard and allowed one of the numerous young urchins to take the reins. Vaulting from the saddle, Ian paused long enough to whisper a word of warning into the lad’s ear before striding across the cobblestones to the door of the pub.
He had no fear that his mount might mysteriously disappear during his brief stay.

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