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New Adventures of the Mad Scientists' Club

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Purple House Press

New Adventures Of The Mad Scientists' Club - Plot & Excerpts

They had huge blowers that they used to create a white fog of dust particles in the air, and they set them up on the hills all around the valley. They also had two light airplanes operating out of the county airport that they'd send up to seed the rain clouds whenever any appeared.
        Dinky Poore was as inquisitive as usual.
        "What's that white stuff they're blowin' into the air?" he asked Henry.
        "That's silver iodide crystals," said Henry. "They're supposed to make water vapor condense and form into drops of water. The trouble is, you've got to have water vapor to start with, and the air's so dry right now I don't think it'll do any good."         The rainmakers kept at it for two weeks, but they didn't do much good. They got a spat of rain now and then, but not enough to sneeze at. And every day they had a different excuse: The wind wasn't right, or there weren't enough clouds, or they couldn't get the airplanes into the air in time when a good cloud did appear.

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