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Noble Hearts 03 - The Courageous Heart

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Noble Hearts 03 - The Courageous Heart - Plot & Excerpts

Joanna was hiding there somewhere. His body itched with the memory of what could have happened to both of them if her mad plan at the Tower had been a success.
When he didn’t find Joanna in the stalls he scrambled up the steep, narrow stairs to the cramped loft that served as his room. The sight that met him made his legs weak with relief.
Joanna lay on the lumpy wool-filled mattress that served as his bed. She was curled in a tight ball and wore a faded, patched cloak around her shoulders. Toby’s cloak.
“Joanna,” he spoke, heart thumping against his chest. She was safe. She was alive.
She gasped, jerking and twisting to stare at him with wide eyes. “Ethan! What are you doing here?”
His relief flared to anger.
“Of all the foolhardy … dangerous ….” Emotion tangled the words in his mouth as he lunged to the side of the bed, ready to snatch her and shake her. “Of all the treasonous things to do! Poison the king? Joanna, what were you thinking?”
She rolled to her feet and stood, but instead of the tirade of excuses and accusations Ethan expected, she tossed her arms around him and burst into tears.

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