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One Man Show (2009)

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One Man Show (2009) - Plot & Excerpts

If real life were a sitcom, mine would sound something like this: DUSTIN. Hey, if anybody cares, I’m home!
    GORDY. Nobody cares.
    [Canned laughter] MOM. Dustin, you’re late.
    GORDY. Yeah, dork.
    DUSTIN. Juvenile delinquent! I waited around to help Pepper carry some junk home, Mom.
    GORDY. That’s about the best you can do. A girl who thinks she’s a boy.
    DUSTIN. Jealous! Better than hanging with pizza-face Edith, playing with her barbed-wire collection.
    [Canned laughter] [Gordy gets Dustin in a headlock.] GORDY. Take it back!
    DUSTIN. Eeeoow, you have diarrhea breath! Mom, help! MOM. Gordon, let go of your brother-now! This isn’t the zoo.
    GORDY. He belongs in a zoo.
    DUSTIN. Oh, good one, brainiac. What would we do without Gordy’s sense of humor? Gordy, what do you do without it?

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