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Open Heart

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Open Heart - Plot & Excerpts

But as usual, making love with Julie Everett was making it damn near impossible. He had wanted to stroke that silky skin and tongue her pert nipples and suck on her clit for just a little bit longer… but Julie had other ideas.
She wrapped her legs around his hips and lifted herself against him. His cock brushed her entrance and they both gasped at the hot contact. Encouraged, teasing, she rubbed herself against him, watching his face as her moist centre stroked his hardness, and he gave in.
His fingers shook as he rolled on the condom, trying to stay in some semblance of control. He positioned himself above her and – in one hot, hard movement – he thrust inside her, all the way to the hilt. He paused.
Julie gave a small shriek as he plunged deep inside her. She arched and his mouth moved to her breasts, kissing and sucking her nipples. She pressed her hands on the back of his head, pushing him against her, loving his mouth, his tongue, his cock.
Jake withdrew almost all the way, then slowly slid back in.

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