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Parallax View (2013)

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Parallax View (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

Parallax View showcases the previously unpublished Novella `In Transit', set in a future war-torn universe in which human expansion has come up against the implacable Kryte. Xeno-psychologist Abbott finds himself the guardian of a deadly Kryte on a mission to study it on his return to Earth. When the crash-land on the fortress planet of St Jerome, the Kryte prisoner turns the tables and takes Abbott into terrible custody. What follows is a terrifying journey across a hellish landscape towards a finale that might change the destiny of the Kryte and humanity, forever... Plus six other stories that examine the interface between human and alien - a parallax view from two of Britain¿s top science fiction writers. "Individually, Keith Brooke and Eric Brown purvey SF of the highest order: their stories have epic scope and a huge heart. The fusion of their talents is a sublime alchemy, a seamless pageant of humanity and wonder, eloquently expressed." James Lovegrove "These are stories given to us by writers who are immersed in humanity, and yet have the strength and the clarity of vision to see beyond our current horizon. These are mature stories, tales of love and loss, of pleasure and pain." Stephen Baxter "Brooke and Brown"s work has a real sweep to it, and if you're looking to recapture the sadly clichéd sensation of a sense of wonder, this collection will not disappoint." Liz Williams

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