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Perfect Match

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Wildfire Romance Publishing, LLC

Perfect Match - Plot & Excerpts

Although tired when he awoke at daybreak, he was not going to stay in the damn hospital bed. He cleaned up, dressed, and was waiting for breakfast, when he made a phone call. “Is Ned Stringer on duty this morning?”
He paused, listening. “Let me speak with him please.” He waited listening to the squawk talk in the background.
“Hey, Ned, listen. Remember the Starbucks guy? Yeah, yeah, that’s me, Roscoe. Good. Listen, how about picking us up a couple of drinks this morning. You get what you want, but make mine a Vinti regular coffee, black.” He listened. “I’ll pay you for the coffees, and yes I realize you’re not running a free delivery service.” He cocked his head. “Well, if you don’t want to do this, I guess I’ll give the tip to one of your competitors.” He listened again, chuckling. “Thanks, Ned. I’m in room 405.” He ended the call thinking, everything has to be bargained for.
His breakfast tray had been cleared away, when Ned rustled through the door, holding out the beloved coffee tray from Starbucks.

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