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Pilgrimage (The New World)

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Pilgrimage (The New World) - Plot & Excerpts

During their second year together he had developed a stronger friendship with James and Shaun, but Davis Lee continued to create occasional problems. Unfortunately every time he returned to South Carolina, or spoke to his father on the phone, the ancestral hatred of others was reinforced. Not even the tragic event that befell upon Shaun during the summer after their second year at the academy could bring him around.While on summer leave back in Boston, Shaun was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it cost him dearly. A stray bullet from a robbery at a convenience store had left him in a wheel chair for the remainder of his life, so his dreams of becoming an officer in the Navy came to an abrupt end. It was a shame that Shaun had found a way to escape his neighborhood, and was on the path to a more productive life, only to be accidentally shot while picking up a few groceries for his mother just two blocks from the family home. She probably would never forgive herself for sending him to the store, but Ross knew the random act of violence against her son was in no way Mrs.

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