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Read Profiler (Fang Mu Eastern Crimes Series Book 1)

Profiler (Fang Mu Eastern Crimes Series Book 1)

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Profiler (Fang Mu Eastern Crimes Series Book 1) - Plot & Excerpts

Stumbling out of bed, he grabbed for his phone and flipped it open, his eyes still closed. "Hello?" "Is this Officer Tai?" "Yeah. Who's this?" "I apologize for waking you," said the voice over the phone. "I'm Li Weidong from the Baita PSB substation in Suijing City. Do you remember me?" Li Weidong? Tai Wei did remember him. Once when Tai Wei had gone to Suijing City to arrest an armed fugitive he had made contact with the Baita substation. As he recalled, Li Weidong was quite a drinker.
"Oh, it's you, Weidong. Nice to hear from you." Li Weidong gave a slight, embarrassed laugh. "I know it's very late, and I really am sorry, but there's something I need to discuss with you. Do you know a Fang Mu?" All of Tai Wei's sleepiness immediately disappeared. "Fang Mu? Yes, I know him. Why?" "At this moment he's in our custody." "In your custody? What happened?" "An old women died in our district last night, and he was found at the scene." "Are you saying…?" "No, it's not that. The results of our medical examiners just came back, and at this point there's no evidence that he was involved.

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