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Read Protected By Emeralds (A Dance With Destiny Book 5)

Protected by Emeralds (A Dance with Destiny Book 5)

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Protected By Emeralds (A Dance With Destiny Book 5) - Plot & Excerpts

Spit it out,” Suou said without turning to face Duhrias. “I knew something was wrong, felt it in my gut.” He lightly ran his fingertips across the empty place on the table where he had placed her ethereal weapons. “What has happened to my Angel?”
    “So.” Duhrias hooked his thumbs in his belt. “You do know she’s an Angel, then.”
    “Of course I know she’s an Angel,” Suou snapped. “Quit stalling and come out with it.”
    The handsome River Spirit only smiled at the Prince.
    Suou narrowed his eyes at the man, studying his ageless, attractive features. His jealousy began to grow.
    “Who are you?”
    Duhrias chuckled. “Ahh, so now you see me. Good, splendid actually. It is satisfying—watching a man’s eyes open.” He tapped the side of his head. “It’s good to know who your opponent is, good to understand what you are up against.”

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