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Pygmy (2009)

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Pygmy (2009) - Plot & Excerpts

Outlet number . Date . For official record, no yet legal adopted so become full member host family Cedar. Making all effort resist absorption into American cult of the individual, traditional method entrenched oligarchy so maintain own power: Fracture citizen isolated into different religion, different race, different family. Label as rich culture diversity. Cleave as unique until each citizen stand alone. Until each vote invested no value. Single citizen celebrated as special—in actual, remaining no power.
Only when wedded to state purpose grants the citizen actual power. State mission and plan creates helpless individual as noble identity with grand reason for exist.
Arriving shopping mall, magic quiet door go sideways, disappear inside wall to open path from outside. Reveal inside stand old woman, Doris Lilly, slave woman appareled with red tunic, say, “Welcome to Wal-Mart.” Say, “May I help you find something?”
Mouths of this agent make smile, face design into pleasing eye contact.

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