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Racing the Moon (2007)

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1934166812 (ISBN13: 9781934166819)
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Racing The Moon (2007) - Plot & Excerpts

Sonny has a shipment to deliver. Moonshine, the old fashioned way. Too bad some jerk blew up his road in the Carolina mountains, keeping him stuck, high and unfortunately dry. He's just pissed off enough to take his temper out in the guy responsible, and when Sonny happens to come across him, he's not able to control his impulses. MJ is on a mission, ridding the world of another environmental threat, shutting down a logging organization. Running into Sonny in the foggy woods throws a wrench in his plans. He has no intention of dying in a backwoods cabin. But it's when Sonny kidnaps him for an impromptu vacation that things go completely awry. From the beaches of Montego Bay to the coast of Washington and Oregon, Sonny and MJ fight and love, trying to stay one step ahead of someone who carries a real grudge for MJ. Someone who would rather see them dead than alive. With car chases, explosions, and hot, steamy loving, Sonny and MJ have all the adventure they could ever want. But do these two have enough in common to prove they can give the moon a run for its money?

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