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Ransom - Plot & Excerpts

But this day, here with Daisy in New York, is the most fun I can remember ever having.
    After we get our tattoos, we head back out into the city. I show her the Village and Washington Square Park. We take a stroll through the Met, window shop at Barney’s, and spend a full hour browsing the books at the Strand. We even take a river cruise before making our way over to Little Italy for a very late dinner.
    As the day goes on, I can feel a delicious sort of tension building between the two of us. It’s like we’re hurtling towards something, something out of our control, and I don’t know if I should be exhilarated or completely terrified. When I realize, over gnocchi and wine in Little Italy, that Daisy is actually flirting with me, I have to fight to keep from cancelling the rest of our plans so I can take her back to the hotel that very minute.
    But the last event of the day is the one I’ve really been waiting for.

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