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Reasons Not to Fall in Love

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Reasons Not To Fall In Love - Plot & Excerpts

The sounds of laughter and childish music surrounded me. The happy and light atmosphere was very pleasant compared to what I would usually be surrounded by on a Saturday afternoon – the café lunchtime rush and rude, demanding patrons.
Unfortunately, not much had changed in the last six years. I still worked hard, too hard sometimes, but that couldn’t be helped. Finn had managed to land himself a job, even though he was currently hanging by a thread and on probation, so his wages took some of the pressure off me – well, when he wasn’t drinking or gambling it away it did anyway. Theo was now eleven and in his first year at secondary school. He was growing up way too fast for my liking. I still hadn’t convinced Finn that we needed to make a second baby, the timing just never seemed right – maybe it never would be. My life continued to feel like one long, never-ending, uphill struggle. I lived for days like this one where I could relax, breathe, and let my problems disappear. Coming home to Bath always made me feel like this and I hadn’t been able to contain my smile since we’d arrived the previous night.

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