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Read Rumors Of Honor (System States Rebellion Book 2)

Rumors of Honor (System States Rebellion Book 2)

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Dietmar Arthur Wehr

Rumors Of Honor (System States Rebellion Book 2) - Plot & Excerpts

Our own satellites beyond the hyper-zone boundary are picking up radar reflections from all our ships. If we can see ours, then they should be able to as well.”
  With that information confirming his own suspicions, it was time for him to make a decision. “Okay, order our ships to decelerate to zero forward velocity. We’ll hold this position and altitude.” With the order acknowledged, he checked the display data again. If his ships fired now, Alpha1 would have enough time to veer off and get back beyond the boundary and jump away before his missiles could reach it. He had to wait until they were deep enough inside the hyper-zone that they couldn’t get away unscathed, and the slower their initial velocity, the deeper they had to be before he could be sure of catching them.
They, on the other hand, could fire at his ships at any time, and there was no way for 1st Fleet to avoid that fire. But unlike earlier in the war, an exchange of missiles was not going to result in mutual destruction.

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