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Saving Cecil (2015)

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Saving Cecil (2015) - Plot & Excerpts

Pepper and thought about the drawings I’d seen in Fred Butcher’s conference room.
    Someone had big plans for an exclusive hunting community on the Lauderbach farm and I was pretty sure it wasn’t the Lauderbach’s. My common sense gene gave me the ability to reason that they wouldn’t be risking all they had in gas wells to save the dairy business if they were planning to sell to a developer.
    Bud returned from the cockpit where he’d gone to confirm our arrival time, flopped back in his seat facing me, toed his shoes off, and propped his feet in my lap. “Are you excited about your new ride?” he asked.
    “Kind of,” I said, giving him a foot massage. “The minivan was getting on my last nerve, although I’m sure Tulip will miss it. I’m just worried the Hummer won’t be ready and I’ll have to rent something else so I can keep my appointment with Watson. We’re getting together out at the site around three o’clock.”

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