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Shared By The Alpha Bears - Complete

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Shared By The Alpha Bears - Complete - Plot & Excerpts

I don’t remember dreaming, but it was hours later when I next I looked at the clock.
      And this was after I’d been woken up by the awful noises coming from outside. I heard screaming and animalistic growling and some other sounds I couldn’t place. I sprang from the bed and ran to the window, trying to peer through the gloom to see what was going on. But all I could see was darkness.
      Then I started to hear voices. “Come on, Jake.” I heard Max saying. “We’re almost there.” Moments later I could see two human shapes appear, one supporting the other as they approached the door.
      At that point, I turned and ran, hurrying down the stairs and racing to the front door, which I threw open just as both the guys came staggering it, Max holding up Jake. And as soon as I got a good look at Jake, I nearly fainted. “Oh my god, what happened?” I gasped.
      Whatever had gotten its claws on him had gotten him good.

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