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Short Soup

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Harlequin Enterprises Pty Ltd, Australia

Short Soup - Plot & Excerpts

Sit down. I make you something to eat.”
    A lump lodged in Toni’s throat. Trust her mum to greet her as if nothing had happened. She gave her mum another hug. At sixty-five Pearl Lau was as energetic as ever, her hair still defiantly permed and coloured. She was dressed in her usual outfit of polyester slacks – beige because of the season – and bright floral top, covered by a blue and white checked pinafore. A heavy jade bracelet weighed on her reed-thin wrist.
    The sight of her mother’s fragile wrist thickened the lump in Toni’s throat. “Mum, are you okay?”
    “Of course, of course.” Pearl bustled around her kitchen, pulling things out of the fridge. “What you want to eat? You want me to make short soup? I got some nice wonton here. It’s for tonight, but I can steal a few for you.”
    “Actually, I’m not very hungry.”
    Pearl shot her a frown over the open fridge door.

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