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Sizzle - Plot & Excerpts

MERRIAM. LYRA HAD ALMOST been killed by her attackers, and Milo had no doubt who they were: Merriam’s two puppets, Charlie Brody and Lou Stack. He stormed into Mr. Merriam’s office, marched up to his desk, and was about to give him his resignation when Mr. Merriam handed him an envelope full of hundred-dollar bills.
“What’s this?” Milo asked, losing some of his steam.
“With all the craziness lately, I forgot to pay you your monthly retainer … you know, the mess with Rooney.”
“Oh, yeah. Thanks.” Milo had also forgotten about the money he was owed. “It was a crazy time,” he agreed as he stuffed the envelope into his jacket.
Mr. Merriam always paid him in cash, so there was no record that Milo worked for him.
Milo used to believe his boss didn’t think he was good enough to be on the company payroll, and that he was a little ashamed of the work Milo did for him, but then he figured out that Mr. Merriam was helping him. Getting wads of cash, Milo would never have to declare income or pay taxes.

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