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Slammed: Stepbrother MMA Fighter

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Slammed: Stepbrother MMA Fighter - Plot & Excerpts

In Blue’s four years as a fighter that was the one location that was never raided. The frost had thawed in the morning sun, but it was still cold outside and they shivered in the car as they waited for it for warm up. They drove for a while until Blue stopped at a gas station to fill up and Chelsea went inside to get two coffees.
      Inside, the gas station seemed lit in a strange yellow light. Everything seemed dreamy and far off to Chelsea. It was suddenly impossible for her to give things meaning. Her sister was currently kidnapped and she was drinking coffee; it didn’t seem right. It seemed indecent that she was enjoying normal pleasures like a cup of coffee while her sister was missing. It felt wrong to be able to enjoy something with the worry of someone else over her head. But at the same time it was the only thing she could do. Chelsea had to keep going if she was going to do her sister any good.
      Chelsea brought her drinks up the counter, which was manned by a high school age girl.

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