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Spurn - Plot & Excerpts

Lallielle appeared in front of me and I realized I was dreaming.
    “Mom!” My voice sounded a little disjointed. This was different to my dreams on Earth.
    She stepped closer to me. Her long black hair flowed down her back and her green eyes, lighter than my own, were shadowed with concern.
    “Aribella, thank the gods. I’ve been trying to dream-span you for days.” She sounded almost the same, maybe less vibrant, a little more one-dimensional.
    I couldn’t move toward her, but speaking was easy enough.
    “We were captured as soon as we landed. We’ve just managed to convince them to let us free ... or kind of under house arrest.” I still couldn’t move. “Have you spoken with Dad?”
    I needed to ask him about my powers.
    Lallielle shook her head. “No, I’ve tried a few times, but wherever he is, I cannot reach him.”

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