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Strip for Murder (1983)

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Strip For Murder (1983) - Plot & Excerpts

Foo leaned over the table and said something to Garlic, then they both leaned back and watched the show. Or pretended to. At least they weren't going to charge across the dance floor at me. Well, I was here, and I meant to stay. At least until I had a chat with Juanita. And maybe with Foo and his pal. The glass wall had been replaced and the birds were all calmed down again. It almost seemed a shame.
The only vacant seat I could see was the one at which a young red-haired guy sat alone, almost squarely in front of me, and directly across the floor from the two hoods and the hoodess. It was ringside, but I'd been spotted anyway, so I walked to the table, leaned down, and said, “OK, if I use that empty chair for a while?”
“Yeah, yeah,” the redhead said. “Yeah. Take it anywhere.”
His eyes were glued to Juanita and he didn't look at me, but it seemed he didn't quite understand. “I mean, right here, at your table.”
“Yeah, yeah. Yow. Wow. Man, lookit that. Yeah.”
At least I had a seat.

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