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Read Switched At Birth: The True Story Of A Mother's Journey

Switched at Birth: The True Story of a Mother's Journey

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Switched At Birth: The True Story Of A Mother's Journey - Plot & Excerpts

Mission Hills General has not been easy for me.
John wanted to sue, right from the beginning. The hospital was negligent to say the least, and we’ve all suffered as a result of this incompetence. John believed the institution must be held accountable.
The person who would be guiding us through this second phase of our legal pursuits was none other than Harrison’s daughter, Amanda Burke, who was a well-known and highly respected attorney in her own right. Harry (who I still secretly thought of as Captain Justice) had recommended her, and frankly, I didn’t mind that he was bowing out. I was intimidated by his aggressive style, and although it had served us well during our search for Daphne, I was happy this time to have someone who approached things with a little less zeal. His significantly less blustery daughter (or, as I couldn’t help but think of her, his sidekick, Subpoena Girl) was just fine with me.
Maybe that was because I wasn’t sure my heart was even in it. We had found Daphne, and now that we had her, I was not convinced that having our day in court was going to bring me any satisfaction.

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