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Read The Abandoned Trilogy (Book 1): Twice Dead (Contagion)

The Abandoned Trilogy (Book 1): Twice Dead (Contagion)

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The Abandoned Trilogy (Book 1): Twice Dead (Contagion) - Plot & Excerpts

Epsilon is fifth letter of the Greek alphabet and this base is responsible for the European countries who are tied in with the New World Succession. The other continents linked to the New World Succession have their own Command Bases, also named after letters in the Greek alphabet.
    W  e buried Gregory just before teatime. We had to stay inside at first. His remains were in a sealed container, one of three the army had bought with them, but even though it was airtight and completely sealed, the men carrying it wore their yellow biohazard suits.
    Some of the soldiers had dug a deep grave in the soft earth, using planks of wood from Mitch’s workshop to stop it filling in on itself. They only let us come over to his grave once it was completely filled in. They had also laid heavy stones they had collected from the ruined wall on the border of the home.
                  Eight of the soldiers, including the Captain and the Colonel stood away from us as we stood looking at the final resting place of Gregory, also known as the Gorilla.

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