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The Alien Artifact 7

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The Alien Artifact 7 - Plot & Excerpts

So late at night he arrived there in a taxi heavily disguised and he sneaked in and rushed up the stairs to his room, and stood outside the room listening behind the door, examining everything for the signs of anyone having been there, and even tried examining the carpet for anything.
He considered as far as logic was concerned there was nothing to kill him for! But why had someone shot at him?
He crept in the door examining everything in the dimness and saw there was nobody there and quickly shut the door behind him, and started collecting all his things and packing them away, examining them for being checked by anyone, and as far as he was concerned they had not traced him there.
He swiftly left the room and hotel and went to his new hotel, which was out the way of the police and anyone there.
Over and over he considered all the people who were capable of shooting at him and realized that it had to be the police! Its coldness made him cringe, and his blood swiftly rushed through him, and he considered sending a complaint somewhere!

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