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Read The Ancient Ones (The Legacy Trilogy Book 3)

The Ancient Ones (The Legacy Trilogy Book 3)

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The Ancient Ones (The Legacy Trilogy Book 3) - Plot & Excerpts

‘What of Samuel?’ Captain Orrell asked. He was alive, but dishevelled and in desperate need of a bath, not too dissimilar to Leopold.
    ‘He lives, but he fights his demons. There is nothing we can do to help him, except leave him alone. What have you done with Jessicah?’ ‘She has been taken to her room. The Koian women gave her something to help her sleep. We tied her to her bed. I didn’t know what else to do.’ ‘When Lord Samuel returns, he will know.’ ‘She doesn’t seem to know me anymore,’ the captain stated feebly.
    ‘She knows you, Captain. Do not fret. We will free her of the witch soon enough.’ ‘What shall we do in the meantime?’ Captain Merryweather asked. ‘There is no telling how long Lord Samuel may take to recover. We can’t wait here.’ He looked around, for the Farstride remained anchored firmly beside the palace. There was a commotion on the far banks, although it was too far to see the details.

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