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The Billionaire Boss

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The Billionaire Boss - Plot & Excerpts

Heather was seated in a chair.
    "You wanted to see me, Mr. Cunningham." January made eye contact with Ariel briefly.
    More than twenty-four hours had passed since they were last in each other's presence and, despite the hurt she felt, January was determined to act professional. The last thing she needed was to appear weak. She’d chosen to wear a charcoal gray pantsuit and black heels that day. The suit made her feel put-together.
    "Come in, January." She stepped inside Ariel's office and closed the door behind her, then walked to the chair next to Heather and sat.
    "Heather told me you did a good job yesterday.” Ariel gave a small smile.
    January didn’t smile back. In fact, she tried not to make much eye contact with him.
    “She’ll be on maternity leave for six weeks in a matter of days.” Ariel cleared his throat.
    January guessed where Ariel was heading with the conversation.

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