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The Black Widow

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The Black Widow - Plot & Excerpts

She was not entirely pleased with the new gown Madame Parfleur had sent over.
“Amaranth is a most flattering color for you,” Jane commented beside her. “You should wear it more often. ‘‘ “But the neckline is much too high,” Hester said crossly. “I cannot imagine what Madame was thinking about. She must have mistaken me for an old lady of ninety who is afraid of drafts.”
Jane experimentally folded under a bit of the fabric at the neckline. “Perhaps it could be lowered by an inch or so.”
“There is no perhaps about it,” Hester replied. “The dress is entirely unacceptable as it is now. It will have to go back for alterations.”
They were interrupted by a light tap at the door. It was Smucker, come to inform her that she had a gentleman caller below.
“Tell Lionell he can wait until I am done trying on my new gowns,” Hester replied automatically.
“It is not Mr. Rudd, Miss Hester. I believe it to be your father’s solicitor, Mr. Wimbwell.”
“Dear old Wimby?

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