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The Brothers Karamazov

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The Brothers Karamazov - Plot & Excerpts

Ivan.”“Did you tell them that you knew how to sham an epileptic fit, as you boasted to me?”“No, sir, I didn’t tell them that.”“I want you to tell me now why you tried to send me off to Chermashnya.”“I didn’t want you to go to Moscow, Mr. Ivan, because if you were in Chermashnya, you wouldn’t be so far away.”“You’re lying. It was you who suggested I should leave; you said I would be farther out of harm’s way.”“I advised you to only because of my affection for you and my loyalty to you, Mr. Ivan. I felt there would be trouble in the house and I was concerned for you. Only I was even more concerned about myself, so while I was advising you to go farther away from trouble, I hoped you’d understand how dangerous things were in the house and that you’d stay with us to protect your father.”“Why couldn’t you have said that plainly, you idiot?” Ivan said, suddenly flaring up.“But how could I say it plainly? You knew I was being terrorized then, Mr.

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