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Read The Cellar Beneath The Cellar (Bell Mountain)

The Cellar Beneath the Cellar (Bell Mountain)

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Chalcedon Foundation/Store House Press

The Cellar Beneath The Cellar (Bell Mountain) - Plot & Excerpts

Even better, he eagerly preached whatever message the First Prester wished him to preach. This morning, in front of the crowd that packed the great chamber of the Temple, he was at the top of his form.
“I want you all to take a good look across the river today,” he said, the high, curved ceiling of the hall amplifying his voice. “I want you to see the vast, shapeless pile of rubble that used to be the greatest city in the world.
“There was a Temple there, a much greater Temple than this one. When the Empire fell, a thousand years ago, and the entire city was destroyed, that great Temple was destroyed, too. You can see what’s left of it, right across the river.
“But a thousand years before that, there was another destruction, of yet another Temple, on the same site as the greater one. This was the First Temple, the heart of the kingdom of Obann. The last king, Ozias, was the last of Obann’s kings to worship there. Rebels drove him into exile; and then the Heathen came.”
He paused for effect.

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