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Read The Cherry Blossom Corpse (1986)

The Cherry Blossom Corpse (1986)

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The Cherry Blossom Corpse (1986) - Plot & Excerpts

Scotland Yard's Perry Trethowan never wanted to make the trip to Norway for the World Association of Romantic Novelists convention. But it was hard saying no to his newly published sister, Christobel. And besides, the worst he expected was the chilly Scandanavian weather and a harmless if irritating menu of fanciful writers and flowery language. Who could've known that backbiting, malice, and bitter rivalry were the true customs of this convention and that the plot line would soon include murder? Amanda Fairchild, the genre's amorous doyenne, ends up dead while en route to a fjord - side tryst of her own, and the dauntless Trethowan must discover which of these authors has turned the page from romance to homicide.

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