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The Dragon's Mistress (Dragon Erotica)

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The Dragon's Mistress (Dragon Erotica) - Plot & Excerpts

He was expected to negotiate some trade and to return with the Prince. Guinevere knew it was perfect timing so she and Cameron had prepared accordingly, equipping her with the necessary charmed objects. It would be several days before any one in the Royal Court realized she was missing; her tutors were used to her taking off, spending days in the forest and returning without so much as an excuse. She was wild and they had little hope for her. They were happy that the Prince would have her. They were eager to have the Princess off their hands.
Cameron hid with her behind the stables, well before the crack of dawn. "I should be going soon," he whispered.
"But here is one last tool." He handed her a rolled up scroll.
"It's a map of the King's Forest." "I know my way around," Guinevere scoffed.
"This map is special. If you trace your finger along it, it will heat to your touch where there is danger.
I know there isn't much that could harm you in the forest you have seen, but you have not gone as far as you may think.

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