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The Drowning Pool

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The Drowning Pool - Plot & Excerpts

Dawn was breaking outside his bedroom window. He lay very still and listened to the birds sing out their welcome to the new day. A gray light filtered through the slightly crooked curtains. The inside of the house was silent. For a moment, he had the sensation of being completely alone. Then he recalled how he’d managed to convince Kim to stay over last night. He reached over, found the small of Kim’s back and began to gently massage her. As she stirred, she moved from her stomach to her back and then went back into what appeared to be a deep sleep. More than anything, he wanted to make love to her again, but now was not the right time. There were promises to keep.
He slipped out of bed and headed toward the bathroom. It was going to be a busy day. Even though he’d bought an extra day or two from Captain Nash, the Bradshaw case would have to be solved with alacrity. Otherwise, Page and the chief would find a way to stop him. He was impatient to get started and went through his morning routine with unusual haste.

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