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The Eighth Veil

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The Eighth Veil - Plot & Excerpts

He’ll be in his rooms this time of day.”“Not just yet, Barak. I need some time to reread these letters and I want to have someone look at this box and seal.”“I see. Will you be needing me anymore?”“No, not until later this afternoon. Come to me after the noon meal in the room we use to interview. Oh, and one other thing. Have the captain of the palace guard come by then, too please.”“Sir.”Gamaliel made his way to the room assigned to him for his interviews. He pulled his chair up to a table, sat, and spread the letters out on its surface. In the next hour he read each multiple times, sometimes shifting his gaze from one to the other. Finally, at the start of the second hour, he shook his head and frowned. Deciphering the letters would need some time—a lot of time. He scooped them up and left the palace. He headed back to Agon the jewelry fabricator.***Chuzas, who had been spying behind the lattice work, watched him leave and then made his way to the king’s apartment to make his report.

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