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The Haunted Fort (1965)

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The Haunted Fort (1965) - Plot & Excerpts

I thought this book was really good but, not as exciting as I hoped. There were many interesting parts, but the book still felt a little dry. I'm not saying I hate the book I'm just saying I've read better. I guess the book was written really well on what would happen in real life, but I guess that's what made me lose interest. Some parts in there could have been better. I thought the writing was difficult, but not to to difficult to misunderstand. Most of the writing was perfectly fine. Then there's strengths about the book. As always the Hardy Boys books are filled with action and suspense which really lifted the book right up at times. however, a weakness of the book is that it didn't apply that much to the title. Honestly I didn't notice that much about the haunted part of the fort. Although I did enjoy the book the series and I shall continue to read the series. Finally, I honestly think you'll enjoy this book since everybody doesn't have the same tatse in reading plus, it's a great book.

The Hardy Boys along with Chet Morton take a trip to an artist enclave somewhere in New England. They are invited by Chet's uncle, who is an art instructor at the enclave, to investigate mysterious happenings at a nearby fort. As is customary in this series, spine tingling adventure ensues.Although probably not my favorite Hardy Boys book, this is definitely a good story. It seems the ghost writer had fairly decent knowledge of the French and Indian War as well as various terms used to describe a fort from that era. On the downside, Frank, Joe and Chet were the only characters with major roles in this book. There were no appearances by Biff, Tony, Mr. Hardy or Aunt Gertrude and only very small roles by Iola, Callie and Mrs. Hardy.

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Frank and Joe Hardy have been invited by Chet's uncle to solve the mystery at an art school just across the lake from an old French and Indian Battle Fort. When art from the Prisoner-Painter's collection that hold a secret to find hidden treasure goes missing, the boys must find the thief or thieves behind it all and find the legendary treasure hidden within the fort. I just have a soft spot for all things written back in the good old days. This book reminds me a lot of Nancy Drew's mystery stories. I think it was a little fast paced and there seemed to be something tragic or ground-breaking every chapter. I guess that's how you have to keep the audience interested. It was a good book. I enjoyed reading it.

tThe book that I read in class was The Hunted Fort. I thought it was pretty good book the thing that I liked about it was that there was a lot of action parts threw out the book it was interesting and it made me not wanting to stop reading it. One of the parts that I liked the most was the car chase it was like it was really happening. Another part that I like was when they where at the lake and the were like looking and watching over the fort then all asundin this person just like floats a crossed the lake from the fort.tWell over all I really liked the book it wasn’t to long and it wasn’t to sort. On a scale one threw ten I would give it a eight. I am going to try to read more of there book and maybe I will even buy some more. I would suggest this book to other kids that like action and thrill.

I debated giving this book 3 or 4 stars because it's so formularic but decided to go for the higher rating since this Hardy Boys book was better than the others I've read. Frank and Joe Hardy travel to Crown Lake in New England with their friend Chet to a summer art school where Chet's uncle Jim is an instructor. Someone is stealing famous paintings of the nearby old French fort ruins. The fort itself seems to be haunted but the reader will know that that's because there are rumors of a hidden treasure there that was hidden centuries ago. The perpetrator of the crime was a surprise.

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