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Read The Plot To Seize The White House (2015)

The Plot To Seize The White House (2015)

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The Plot To Seize The White House (2015) - Plot & Excerpts

In March he wrote his father that he was wary of involvement with any other power represented in China because of his suspicion of their selfish interests: The Japanese are most anxious to control all of North China, particularly Manchuria, and will sacrifice anything and back anyone who will assure to them this control. . . . The British are perfectly willing . . .
    if the Japanese will allow them to have the Yangtze Valley and, unless I am greatly mistaken, these English "cousins" of ours will be absolutely guided by their own selfish political and commercial interests. . . . It behooves us to keep absolutely aloof from everyone and to do nothing which is not directly in line with the saving of lives.
    Letters from home told him that his father had become very ill.
    Deeply worried, he wrote Thomas Butler in April: I do so hope . . . thee will not run thy legs off for this fool Navy. The American people never do know what they want and it is up to a few men like thee to guide them and persuade them to do the right thing but, after all .

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