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The Primal Blueprint (2009)

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The Primal Blueprint (2009) - Plot & Excerpts

In This Chapter I detail the rationale and benefits of the three Primal Blueprint exercise laws: Law #3, Move Frequently at a Slow Pace; Law #4, Lift Heavy Things; and Law #5, Sprint Once in a While. Following these laws will enable you to approximate the active lifestyle of Grok and develop what I call Primal Fitness. Primal Fitness represents a versatile and diverse set of abilities that allow you to tackle varied active lifestyle or athletic challenges safely and competently. In contrast, many pursue narrow, specialized forms of fitness that are minimally functional and often compromise general health (endurance athletes and bodybuilders fall in this category). Following the Primal Blueprint exercise laws will also help delay the aging process by preserving lean muscle mass, which correlates with enhanced organ function, a concept known as organ reserve.
I contrast the benefits of Primal Blueprint exercise with the many drawbacks and health risks associated with Conventional Wisdom’s fitness recommendations.

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