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The Q Continuum (2003)

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The Q Continuum (2003) - Plot & Excerpts

The Q trilogy, in one volume ... I'm partial to Q, as a character (one of the more intriguing villains in the Star Trek universe, IMO) -- so I was thrilled to find this particular trilogy available on my new e-reader.When an obsessive Betazoid scientist discovers a way to breach the Great Barrier, Q shows up and at first tries to bully Picard into backing down. Picard, however, refuses to be bullied -- so in an effort to persuade him, Q takes Picard on a journey through time that includes, among other things, the truth about the long-extinct Taguan civilization and a rink-side seat for the destruction of the T'Kon Empire.In the meantime, Riker must contend with the single-minded scientist's obsession with completing his experiment while simultaneously defending the Enterprise from the Calamarain (not to mention Q's wife and son, an omnipotent toddler who gives new meaning to the expression "the terrible two's").The narrative shows signs of splitting in some places, and Cox might have provided more connections between the two story lines. But in spite of that, I found it to be a very enjoyable read.

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