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Read The Seduction Of Miss Amelia Bell (2014)

The Seduction of Miss Amelia Bell (2014)

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The Seduction Of Miss Amelia Bell (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

    He could take them all, slovenly, unfit bastards that they were. But it would slow him up and he needed to get home and fetch Isobel.
    “We have an agreement of peace with yer chief,” he called out. “Let me pass before I kill every last one of ye.”
    Someone laughed at his claim, provoking a tight smile to curl Darach’s mouth.
    “Some of us dinna’ want peace. We want blood and we want what belongs to us. Ravenglade!”
    “Well, lads, I want three women in m’ bed each night and I’d like to help in riddin’ Scotland of Buchanans once and fer all, but we dinna’ all get what we want.”
    He dragged his claymore free of its scabbard and readied himself for a fight. None came. Some heinous coward knocked him out and off his horse before he had time to swing.
    Hours, or mayhap days, later, Darach cracked his swollen lids open a hair to see where he was.

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