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The Trial of Elizabeth Cree (2012)

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The Trial Of Elizabeth Cree (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

He was never actually rude to my face, but I knew that he was avoiding me; I suppose he was jealous of the fact that Uncle had left me £500, together with all the photographic equipment, but he never mentioned the subject. It occurred to me sometimes that he might know all about Uncle’s dirty secret, and that he might suspect me of being involved in it, but there was nothing I could do about that little matter. So we tried to carry on in the same way but, somehow, my heart was no longer in it. I had a great success with one song, a tuneful ditty by the name of “An Irish Maid’s Lament for Home, or Where Are the Potatoes Now?” but I was never really in the proper frame of mind. The death of Uncle must have affected me more than I realized, and I found myself turning to John Cree for company and consolation. Of course I already knew that he was a gentleman; I saw how he stood out among the other reporters, and Uncle had informed me long ago about his “expectations.”
“Oh yes,”

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