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The Vampire And The Highland Empath

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The Vampire And The Highland Empath - Plot & Excerpts

Hers were so cold, his felt scorching.
“Sweetheart.” He lifted those dark fathomless eyes to hers. “We don’t know much. The histories are quiet on what exactly befell the last four guardians of Clan Limont. But I will tell you what I do know.”
Last four guardians. Edeen nodded, her throat too raw to speak.
Roque’s fingers curled around hers. “The sibling guardians battled a witch upon a hill.” Roque’s head canted to the side, eyes narrowed. “Do you remember?”
Vividly. For her it had happened a mere day ago, not seven hundred years in the past. She nodded.
“Something happened between you and the witch. You were caught within a deep slumber that even a sorcerer as powerful as Toren Limont could not awaken you from.”
The witch Aldreth had unleashed her powers upon Toren. She was going to kill him. Full of fear and anger, Edeen ran at her, thinking that if only she could touch the witch with her empathic gift, she could throw Aldreth back into her memories, throw her off the attack.

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