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The Vampire and the Vixen

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The Vampire And The Vixen - Plot & Excerpts

After Arthur’s heart-stopping announcement at the fundraiser Saturday night, she’d fled the banquet hall like the hounds of Hades were on her heels. Which might have been the case.
She’d had the rest of the weekend, and a long, long Monday to dwell on the colossal error in judgment. How could she have been so stupid to kiss her new boss? Now it was time to face the music. Or at least face Rafe.
Her heartbeat quickened.
He’d called his first project meeting, and it wasn’t like she could refuse to attend. All her hopes of a promotion rested on the outcome of the new nighttime programs. Since he was in charge, there was no avoiding him.
Maybe he wouldn’t remember. Right. And maybe pigs would sprout wings and soar past the clock tower across the square outside.
She took a final fortifying breath, and pulled open the door. Rafe looked up from the folder on the table in front of him, and his gaze met hers.
Sweet Moses. Even without the Dracula costume he was still commanding. Sexy.

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