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The Warring States (The Wave Trilogy)

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The Warring States (The Wave Trilogy) - Plot & Excerpts

The wind carried them onwards as Ezra read. Sofia half-listened, thinking of the wind-racked city and the startling idea that one might gainsay God. Next morning, Ezra was back at the tiller, and his tireless adjustments to the sail were justified in the speed and distance travelled that day. It was evening when Sofia noticed something amiss.
Ezra was standing still, though the sail was flapping, bleeding wind. Levi was merrily murdering a condottieri song – something about stealing a dead comrade’s boots – when suddenly Ezra turned about. The look on his face made Levi fall silent.
Ezra mumbled something as he took in the sail and the wind abruptly ceased, then he turned back to the water.
Sofia said quietly, ‘What is it?’ He put his fingers to his lips and whispered, ‘We’re hunted.’ Sofia and Levi looked behind them – if the Moor was following, then surely they should sail for the nearest shore, and quickly? But Ezra was looking down, into the cold depths of the wine-dark sea.

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