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The Willoughbys

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The Willoughbys - Plot & Excerpts

An Impending Vacation "Dear ones," Mrs. Willoughby said at dinner as she sliced the overcooked leg of lamb with a small handsaw, "Father and I have decided to take a vacation." "A sea voyage?" asked Tim, as he spooned some glutinous gravy onto the gray slab of meat she had given him.
    "Why, yes," his mother replied. "As a matter of fact, we are taking a long sea voyage, with many interesting stops along the way. This very colorful brochure appeared through our mail slot, from the—let's see, what was that name again?" She picked up the glossy paper and looked at it.
    "The Reprehensible Travel Agency?" suggested Tim.
    "That's it exactly!" His mother beamed at him. "You're so clever, son. I hope your cleverness will win you a scholarship so that you can go to college." "What about B and me?" Barnaby A asked. "We're not clever." "And Jane? She's a complete dodo," Barnaby B added. "Does that mean that we won't be able to go to college?" Their father glared at them.

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