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Read This Blue : Poems (9781466875074)

This Blue : Poems (9781466875074)

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This Blue : Poems (9781466875074) - Plot & Excerpts

We found arrowheads in the earth and not in the sky though they’d flown through the air before grounding.
The era of common sense is over & finished too the flourishing of horoscopes.
Hey traveler what chart to sign your way? what iPhone app?
All the birthdays have immolated themselves in a far pyre and no one knows where they were born.
Earth gods always come after sky gods.
If you could choose a secret power would it be flight?— a wish more often expressed than the desire for invisibility.
“A mythology reflects its region”
and a poet sang the sea the lemon trees and pines the Ligurian breeze salting his lines and a lightly placed step on a Greek mountain is the goat song of tragedy.
Jehovah rarely shows his face for we would die of it die as surely as those who looked to the sky in the bombing raid the underground tunnels a sudden refuge Out of ash I come                      Out of the earth Back to ash I go                          He fashioned them male and female I tell you they wore the most beautiful evanescent clothes in paradise so much subtler than the trawling nakedness of heaving giants hurling other giants to heaven & some to hell on the restored ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

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