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Virgin Honeymoon (The Honeymoon Diaries)

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Virgin Honeymoon (The Honeymoon Diaries) - Plot & Excerpts

The water is great, but my husband is better.  We play like children, splashing and teasing until we tire and go back to the cabana to rest, leaving the ocean-facing drapes open so we can watch the waves and our attendant will bring us snacks.
I have to be honest. Sean’s request about not wearing panties to dinner tonight? I’m a little... freaked. Today in the cabana the drapes were pulled and realistically I doubt the man standing outside the structure heard anything but the surf and the many kids screaming and playing along the shore, plus there’s the music from the hotel pool.  But dinner? We’ll be surrounded by tables, people. Without a drape to be found.  When we tire of the beach, we gather our belongings and head back to our suite. Sean showers first to give me extra time in the bathroom. I’m envious of how men can jump in and out of the shower so quickly, without ever having to shave their legs or condition their hair. I go through the motions beneath the water’s spray, but the entire time my mind is focused on Sean’s words from earlier.

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