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Waiting for Lila (1989)

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0553219561 (ISBN13: 9780553219562)

Waiting For Lila (1989) - Plot & Excerpts

Dr. Delilah Jones had special plans for the medical conference in Acapulco --- this trip she was determined to bag a husband! She enlisted her best friends as matchmakers, invited them to produce the perfect candidate --- rich, handsome, successful --- then spotted the irresistibly virile man of her dreams all by herself. Bill Shelley was moonstruck by the elegant lady with the voice like raw silk, captivated by this mysterious, seductive angel who seemed to have been made just for him. Lila yearned for a fling, a delectable flirtation with a hero who kissed her under rainbows. But she couldn't marry a man who needed her love. She'd fought so hard to survive, she didn't dare depend on emotions that wouldn't last. With fierce sweetness Bill silenced her fears and taught her the joy of being cherished, but she knew that her dreams had a price. Once he knew her secret, could Bill convince her that nothing would keep her as safe as his enduring love?

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