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Wie die Welt endet (2011)

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Wie Die Welt Endet (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

This is such a bad book on so many levels, I finally gave up after 178 pages. Written at a sixth-grade level, the story reads like YA, its characters having a YA maturity. However, the characters are all in their thirties, and the violence and sex definitely makes this a non-YA novel.The characters have not only had no depth but reacted to the novel's situations like simpletons. As the world around them was falling apart, they were exposed to trauma after trauma, but apparently none of these encounters resulting in any psychological scarring (or much wisdom, for that matter), because they all just went on to the next thing.Then the book got really stupid. Within a few pages, the North Koreans nuked Lake Superior(!), and our protagonist had to perform an emergency appendectomy with only the minimal guidance of a doctor speaking to him over a cell phone. I gave up. Jasper is an easy going guy. Unfortunately, the world is melting down as it suffers from environmental, financial and political collapse. So instead of smoking weed, he's stuck wandering from place to place, just trying to survive in a screwed up world. He does still manage to scope out babes and find some attractive ones, despite the lack of hygiene products available in the future.Jasper's story is reasonably enjoyable, but never really seems to dive into anything meaty. Part of the problem is it's set over of a span of 15-20 years. All that in barely more than 200 pages. It feels like your skimming through events, but perhaps that was necessary for us to read about all those babes he meets. Not a bad book, but not worth the cost of a $15 trade paperback.

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28% in and I just couldn't force myself to read anymore of this

Wierd! It was an okay read but not a page turner!

Really good book and an interesting idea.

Really good but slightly depressing...

it was ok.

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