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Winter's Knight

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Winter's Knight - Plot & Excerpts

“Haze,”he repeated. “Yeah,” Shea answered. “I had ta say something to you ‘cause if Clark’s sending someone, I’ve gotta warn you. Nothin’s what it looks like, and most ofit’s fuckin’ dangerous.” Lucian shook his head and Shea’s arm. “What were you... Wait. How do you know anything about... You don’t even do...” Memories of a certain night on a couch that undermined what Lucian thought he knew about Shea dropped into his center like a ton of lead. Lucian glared at Shea with some mixture of outrage, shock, and terror. “Youplayed at Haze?” Shea squared offinfront ofLucian. “Yeah. I did.” “But...” Lucian ran a hand through his hair and tried to calculate a way to pry answers out of defensive posturing, and struggled to rise above the screaming improbabilityofit all. “But why? Youknow me.” With an exasperated, startled laugh, Shea shook his head. “But no fuckin’ clue you were interested, Luke. You were Lucky Luke, Prince Luke, Luke who fucked a thousand--”

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